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Digital Security System
ICL Solutions Ltd

Access Control

As with our CCTV systems, Access Control can be as simple or as bespoke as the client’s needs determine.
We offer a range of products and solutions from a single door standalone keypad entry system, to a world wide access control product installed across a variety of sites and controlled from a central location, and attendance solutions. 

Within our access control packages we are able to offer a variety of services such as printable ID badges with smart technology for cashless vending. Real time event management guard tours, elevator control, instant reporting of events, building floor plans, and combined CCTV, intruder alarm integration.

We are able to offer a wide range of technology to gain access through a door, gate, barrier or turnstile. Contactless proximity cards are the most popular, being available as a printable credit card or key ring fob.
Older less popular options are magnetic strip or barcode readers and cards. Higher security proximity cards combined with a keypad and code allow for a more secure system and the misuse of a card.


We also offer a wide variety of biometric options ensuring only the specific individual enters the area intended.


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